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Help centre: Connecting Remotely

Diabetes Management and COVID-19

The world is currently experiencing an unprecedented situation with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). While this impacts many people, we know that managing through this time can be particularly challenging for people with diabetes. Below includes some additional information to help guide your diabetes management.

For educational information about diabetes and COVID-19, please visit the Diabetes Ireland website.

1. How can I connect with my healthcare team remotely?

Our FreeStyle Libre Digital Ecosystem provides you with the FreeStyle LibreLink mobile phone app and LibreView, a secure cloud-based software that allows both you and your doctor to connect remotely at no cost. For more information on how to download the FreeStyle LibreLink app, create a LibreView account, and how to set up data sharing with your healthcare team, please download our LibreView Quick Start Guide.


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